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Customer Success Stories

Here are some of the companies that trust Cloudinary as their end-to-end image, video, and digital asset management solution

Apartment Therapy

Improved image load speed and the workflow of the sites’ editorial teams, resulting in a significant increase in website performance.


Achieved greater design efficiency and faster load time to grow conversions.


Significantly improved performance and reduced page load time by 40%.


Optimized costs while improving image display and response times.


Rapidly launched websites across the globe while eliminating workflow inefficiencies.


Effortlessly scaled digital campaigns to meet seasonable spikes and improved page load.


Transformed 25 million images with one click, freeing up nonprofit to focus on mission of helping pets find forever homes.

WingTai Asia

Streamlined workflow with a single source of truth and achieved 3x faster processing for launching new product lines.


Improved session times and reduced bounce rates, powering an enhanced user experience, globally.

Achieved greater consistency, better workflow efficiency, and significant time savings in image and video management.

The Hub

Dynamically resized portfolio images and video without sacrificing quality.

Bloomsbury Publishing

Saved up to 24 months on digital transformation while achieving 50% reduction in publishing time.


Improved mobile performance and achieved a 26% increase in Google page load scoring.

Atom Tickets

Automated the media management workflow to accelerate content publishing and improved user experience.


Processes batches of images for 1,000 products dynamically on an on-demand basis, every two to three weeks.

Fairfax Media

Optimized over three million images and improved editor productivity.


Finalsite is the preferred digital communications platform for schools around the world, and uses Cloudinary’s robust APIs to improve visual communication and enable digital asset management for their customers.


Hike is India’s first homegrown messaging app, and uses Cloudinary to enable image and video sharing for their users.


Witnessed 60% improvement in upload times and 10% reduction in profile creation churn.


Shaved page load times to half a second by automating image optimization and cropping.


The market leader for packaged holidays in Germany uses Cloudinary to reduce page load times by 40% and help travelers find their destination faster.’s e-commerce platform empowers small businesses to sell more, and uses Cloudinary to reduce viewing bandwidth by 60% without any visual quality loss for their imagery.


Kenshoo empowers the world’s leading brands and advertisers with the best marketing technology, and uses Cloudinary for optimal media management.


Cut bandwidth use by 50% while serving over one petabyte of video monthly.


Saw 60% average reduction in page weight and 33% faster page load times.


Up to 6x faster image load times and introduced new digital asset management capabilities.


Improved revenue per visit by more than 2% and shortened new store launch times to under 2 hours.